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Maymó ensures your own label cosmetics and makeup are a success story.

At Maymo we live and breathe colour, and all that it stands for; creating own label colour cosmetics and makeup for small clients to internationally renowned brands.We can provide a complete and bespoke service from concept to shelf and beyond with sales, marketing support, training, through to full brand creation.

Whether you're looking for an entire colour range of cosmetics for the budget beauty buyer, or to innovate a new skincare product for the luxury end of the market - we have the pedigree to do both with the same level of dedication, quality and commitment.

Our cosmetics range - discover our capabilities

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We create exclusive skincare and bespoke colour cosmetics for a range of applications and budgets, including:



Our quality assurance processes

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Rigorous testing and constant quality at every stage

All of the products we create are subject to the strictest safety and quality assurance tests, at every stage of the process. Our ingredients, testing and production process are subject to the highest standards, with ISO 9001:2004, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 accreditation. When we work with you, we will provide a quality assurance agreement stating the level of standards we will adhere to and how this will happen.

We rigorously test:

Each and every ingredient used

The safe concentration of those ingredients

The safety of those ingredients in their finished formulation

We monitor, track and audit every individual line to ensure the consistent quality of everything we produce.

Design & Packaging - Learn more

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Every aspect of your packaging, its design, contours, colour and size is every bit as important as what's inside. It's the visual expression of your product, and your brand.

Our design and packaging service includes:

Wide knowledge of packaging manufacturers

Packaging customisation (diverse range of formats)

Visual concept and identity creation

Bespoke exclusive packaging design

Standardised packaging for shorter lead times

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Maymo has helped hundreds of companies succeed in the own label cosmetic business. Please contact us or email Maymo using the contact form if you have any questions about our products or services.

Maymó Cosmetics, S.A.
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